7 Things About SEO Your Boss Wants to Know
SEO has become a norm in the marketing world. Almost all brands are using it to generate relevant traffic to their sites. In today’s world marketers need to know how, where and what to use in the creation of SEO targeted campaigns. Businesses that are successful seem simple on the front face but a lot of work an effort is used up in creating the back-office layout that supports a functioning front view.
If marketing was a sport, SEO would be the playground. The players try to outdo each other by implementing the right skills and techniques throughout the game. Only one winner emerges and takes the crown. SEO is the same. The competitors are continuously sharpening their skills to become the market leaders in the search engine optimized campaigns.
Here are the key things your boss needs to know about SEO:

  • Is it cost-effective?
A great campaign will be more effective and inexpensive if the right tools are used in creating it. The greater your ranking in the ads against your competitors the less you will pay for the campaigns. Savings are crucial in maintaining financial stability of a company.
     2)   Is it a long or short term strategy?
The boss needs to know if it is a short-term strategy or long term commitment. The right SEO campaigns are long term and are there to stay. You need a series of trials to determine exactly what best suits your company. Reviews should be done constantly to determine effective techniques.
     3)   What are the types of SEO’s?
Brands have the option of running on-page and off-page campaigns. The examples of the on-page SEO include meta tags, keywords. The examples of off page SEO are back linking. Analyze the scope of your business to determine the best SEO strategy.
   4)    Is It Necessary?
What value will it create for the business? All actions, motives, strategies of businesses must be geared towards a value creation. Your boss will probably want to know what benefit the SEO will generate for the company. SEO marketing has been established to increase revenue by creation of numerous leads.
   5)    How Will It Affect Offline Sales?
SEO targets the online users and potential customers on the internet. Does it have any influence on offline users? What is the effect being it has on offline users? Research has shown that 80% of internet users use it to find local businesses. Therefore, it is important to have our business listed on the internet for both the offline and online users.
   6)   What’s the ROI?
The question all bosses ask before initiating any investment is what is the return on investment. SEO marketing shows you real time results of your campaigns and indicates how much traffic a specific advert brought and this can be directly related to the changes in the sales.
   7)    Where Do We Start?
The final question your boss will ask is where do we start? What is the process of starting and what tools and skills will be necessary to begin. If he has bought the idea be assured this will be his next question.

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