Benefits of e-mail marketing

If you are thinking of starting a marketing campaign for your product/service then you will no doubt have looked through your options and come across email marketing. There are many benefits of e-mail marketing whether you are a big corporation or a small home start business.  As one of the most popular ways to market products and services read on to find out the main benefits that could help you too.

Cheaper than other methods

If you are just starting out then the chances are you will want to get your brand out there with the minimum expenditure. That is where e-mail marketing can come in handy. Because you don’t have the costs of printing, postage and no need to pay for advertising in someone else’s space such as a billboard or classified ad in the newspaper you can reach the masses for very little. When you send thousands at the same time you are likely to accrue a cost, however the upside is that it still works out a lot cheaper than other types of marketing.

Ability to target those interesting in your product or service

When you advertise in newspapers and other similar channels the chances are only a small percentage of those that see it will be interested in acting on the advert. With email you can target people that actually want to receive them, rather than them ending up in the spam box and never seen. When people visit your site or blog you can give your visitors the option to sign up to your emails. This allows you to target only those that have requested to receive further information giving you a better chance of the recipients making a purchase or getting in touch to find out more.

There is also an option to be able to target specific customers. For example if you are running a competition the applicants are not all going to want to make a purchase but would like to receive a free prize. The email sign ups can be monitored and segmented to ensure only those that meet the set criteria are actually sent your information via email. You can even tailor it geographically so that emails are only sent to those that live in the area you cover. Sending a blanket email to everyone has been shown to be ineffective where as if you can send offers to a certain group such as those interested in women’s sales rather than it going to a single man with no interest you are able to increase the call to action rate.

Great for impulse buys

If you know the majority of people get paid at the end of the month you can take advantage of this through email marketing by having flash sales at this time. you can be sure that the majority of people check regularly for new mails and knowing they are about to get paid makes them more likely to make a purchase if they think they are going to miss out plus they have a bank full of money burning a hole in their pocket. Create a link in the emails to  make the purchase even faster as nowadays people like convenience especially if you have a responsive site that can be used on mobile devices as well as pc’s and laptops.

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