Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Selling an idea and confidence

It is the age of startups. The younger generations are prone to take risks, think differently and are willing to stick their necks out for the bright ideas that they have. The fact that many huge successful businesses also started up small has given a huge boost to the startup ecosystem. Most governments are nowadays encouraging people to take up the entrepreneurial journey as well. Solid support systems for startups exist in most countries in the form of venture capitalists, government subsidies, access to mentors etc.

It is therefore not so difficult to convince stakeholders about your idea and sell it to them. Marketing is after all nothing but selling confidence rather the product itself. If you are confident about your product or service it is felt by those around you. Funding is made available to startups, but at the same time, they are also expected to make the most of it and are answerable to the investors. Even if you have self-funded your startup you would still expect that you get the maximum ROI. The best way to do that would be to adopt aggressive, targeted marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has taken the marketing world by storm and shaken it up to the extent that people and businesses who do not adopt it are left behind and considered old fashioned. The huge benefits of digital marketing like having a vast reach and presence, direct contact with the consumers, access to consumer behavior data and analytics, instant reach and more importantly personalized approach and building relationships go a long way in ensuring that startups are able to get maximum ROI from their campaigns.

Digital Marketing Strategies

If you take the services if a digital marketing consultant, they can tell you umpteen things that you should do. But if you cannot afford one, start with these simple steps that can equally help.

  1. Know your audience: For any product or service, it is important to know if and where there is a need for it. In other words know your market and your consumers and target them. This can help you in formulating your digital marketing strategies, your email campaigns, add personal touches on your website etc.
  2. Use all possible digital marketing channels: There are many channels out there today apart from specifically customized software for this purpose. Based on the nature of your product or service, determine if it is worth it to have social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. that provide instant connect with the customers. The power of social media in marketing is tremendous and you should mine this for what you can. Ask your friends and family to like and share, that doesn’t take much effort.
  3. Target SEO: It’s not just enough if you put up a nice website with beautiful content. If no one actually lands up on your website, then it is useless. The best of the digital marketing strategy is to create an SEO website which shows up in the Google searches. There are multiple strategies that can be adopted in this including paid AdWords. Once your website comes up on top of the Google page, the chances of people visiting it are more.
  4. Online Ads: There are major publishers and new sites and Google itself that places Ads based on multiple criteria. Use your marketing budget wisely by signing up for this so your Ads show up at the right places at the right time. That’s what improves conversions.

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