Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook has more than just bring us all together, it has opened the opportunity for brands and companies to sell themselves on a much broader scale. By being able to advertise to a wider audience, the key to using Facebook with marketing strategies has moved on from getting as many likes as possible. You need to captivate your audience and keep them engaged. Here are a few tricks for how to do that.

Put an extra bit of focus onto smart branding. Working on your branding can make your company come across as sleek and polished, meaning people are much more likely to use you. When you have a completed look and a really nicely branded Facebook page then it will stick in people’s minds and they’re able to search you out in their times of need. In a world where technology is growing faster every day, utilizing this great resource makes all the difference and better branding is step one in using it!

 If you can then Facebook is a great place to make your company have a more personal side. People are more and more focused on the people and story behind a company so being able to set some time aside every day to posting a couple of little posts on Facebook can make all the difference. It doesn’t need to be a run down of everything that you’ve eaten today, and you can always keep it work related but something a little different is always a welcome relief. Try posting about how you’re received a new shipment of something today and how it’s made you feel! It’ll make other people feel that way before they’ve even seen it by having that personalized touch.

On a similar level, Facebook has opened up the world of two way dialogue. If someone posts about your company for whatever reason then just a simple reply can show other people that you take a genuine interest in the well being of your customers. Whether it’s good or bad, a simple thank you or a link to your complaints department shows you value every individual person that uses your company. It can also be a great place for people to feel comfortable about asking questions. Knowing you’re more likely to reply means that instead of looking elsewhere they will ask you the question and you’ll be able to secure further business.

The last neat little trick that you can use on Facebook is the ability to schedule and manage your posts. This means that you could be going away for the weekend but you’ll still be able to schedule posts to go live while you’re away. This little trick makes it look like you’re working tirelessly (which you no doubt are!) and that you’re always on call. You can always schedule your posts so that they are reaching certain customers and boosting your image in their eyes. Facebook has definitely changed the world of marketing and it looks like it’s here to stay!

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