Effective Ways to Engage With Your Facebook Customers
Business owners and marketers who are just starting with their Facebook page will think that it is fairly easy to manage.  They will just have to update their walls regularly and cross their fingers that the audience will start interacting with them.  However, it is more complex than that.  It is because of this complexity that most marketers just decided to give up in updating their walls since they are not seeing the dramatic improvement despite of their efforts.
Ways to Increase Your Engagement Level on Facebook
Let me make things clear to you; the last thing that the Facebook users want to see on your timeline is your product advertisement.  Most of them have been bombarded with shameless promotion in different media platforms every day.  They did not join this social media platform just to see your advertisement.  In order to increase the engagement level of your posts, you have to make sure that it is personal and relevant.  Here are some effective ways on how you can accomplish that.
Ask the Relevant Questions
Questions are the best way to spark a conversation with your audience.  It is the easiest way that you can use to make the audience respond to your post.  However, there are lots of questions that you can use. You can use a question that is specific and has a specific answer.  You may also keep it short and limit the answer to just Yes or No or True or False.  Make it fun and based it on their experience.  If you have the chance, create a timely question.
The Timing
Timing is one of the crucial factors that you need to consider when posting your content on Facebook.  Think about it, would the engagement level of your post increase if all your targeted audience are working or sleeping?  The best time to update your wall is during the time that they are in transit and after their work.  Based on the study, this is the time that they are checking their social media account.
Your Photo
In Facebook, your picture is worth more than a thousand of words.  Photos has a higher engagement level compared to link and post since they tend to stand out, they are colourful and concise, and the mind can easily digest the message that it wants to convey. 
Holding a Contest
Online contest is a great way to increase your engagement level dramatically.  It creates that level of excitement that makes your audience visit your page from time to time.  It also aims to reward your loyal consumers.  There are varieties of contest that you can execute on Facebook; voting contest will drive in the likes but not the amount of comments that you probably want. 
These are just some of the most effective ways on how to increase the interaction between your brand and the audience.  This will not only build the visibility of your company, but it will also enhance your online credibility.

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