How Blogging Helps in Marketing
There are manypros for new businesses to use blogs as a tool for promoting and marketing their brand. Having a blog assists the business in reaching new customers, as well as build up an online communitywith others in trading information, sharing solutions, and give opinions about the business’ services and what they can do better. Blogging can go beyond a simple post about any topic. It can be a news bulletin and a forum about how the business is shaping up and be a Q & A for anyone who is interested.

These are a few of the ways people can find a certain website. One, people can simply type in the name through Google or the actual URL. Those people, however, may already know about the business, and that really doesn't help get new clients to the site, unless the spread the word around. Second, a business can pay for online traffic through email and completely send them out like flyers, hopeful that some of them click to open it. However, that can be an expensive, be considered as spam by those who receive it, and could be considered illegal based on how it’s presented as. Third, a business can buy up ads, which is also expensive. That could dry up the budget very quickly.

This is where blogging and the use of social media come into play. Thanks to social media, one person can share what they like or didn’t like about a business, or share a link in theirrespective page to other people. Businesses have adapted that strategy. Blogs are always updated to reflect the status of their business and can raise their Internet search result ranking, giving themselves more exposure to new customers. Blogging is also a personal page, letting people respond to posts. Comments are a source of information for the business other customers because they can solid feedback.

Feedback is extremely important because good feedback gives the business assurance to other customers, while bad feedback gives them a chance to respond to any concerns and defend the product or service. Respond to criticism professionally as it can havea major impact on how the business is thought of by others; in fact, itgives an opportunity to correct service and make better products to win and renew customer loyalty. And, it’s not just from a week ago, but it can stay on for months at a time. Many blog posts opened in an engine search can lead to a post from several months prior. It ends up, oddly, as a perfect way of having free advertising in a positive way.

Some blog posts can become continuous responding posts, compounding into one massive page. It depends on what the post is about. However, this is the benefit of bloggingfor business as a marketing strategy. It is free and gets a person involved in what they want in a business. Everything mentioned above is what a blog can do to help anyone in any capacity raise awareness of their occupation.

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