How Can You Optimize Your Images For Different Social Networks?

A Chinese proverb states “I hear I forget, I see I remember”. What we see remains with us longer than spoken words. What we show – the image – to the world is what would remain in the viewer’s mind. Hence it is extremely important that what we show the world is well thought and appropriate as per the audience.

Gone are the times when the form of communication to the outside world was mostly written. Now you can communicate through videos, chats and photos. Posts that have images get more attention in the form of comments, likes etc.

The first step to optimize your image is to have a good quality photo.The photo should be bright and clear. The light effects on the photo should be good. Dim images don’t make good viewing.

Next, get familiar with some photo editing tools. If Photoshop appears hard than there are several easier options available like PIXLR, Pic Monkey, Design Feedand CANVA.

The editing tools sometimes add to the file size. Be aware that your file size should not be too large otherwise it affects your uploading time. In today’s fast paced world it is important that your content gets loaded quickly.

While preparing your image you need to be familiar with the guidelines of various networking sites. “Ignorance is bliss” might prove harmful here. If you post same sized image across Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn than there are chances that your image might get cropped and important content that you wished to convey through the image might disappear. Update yourself with the size and orientation options for different websites.

For example, Instagram has square images whereas pin interest has tall and slim images.
Take a little time and go through the guidelines of various social networking sites and prepare a template for each one of them.
You can also add text to your image. This alternative text or alt text describes your image. The description should be short and to the point. It helps viewers get information about the image. The text should be a fit all across all networking channels. The text allows viewers to reach your image through other means.
If you are putting some text across your image make sure to put it in the centre otherwise it might get cropped while getting posted on the sites.

When a person goes through printed text they usually browse the images first but in case of a website content viewer pays more attention to the text. Hence make sure that your image should be relevant to the text of your page.
These days’ people are also uploading animated GIFs. Whatever your imageis it should be clean and positive. We need to understand the reach and power of the social media. One wrong image might turn off millions of viewers from your site. Go by the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words and take time to create the right image for your site.

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