How Display Ads Help In Better Conversion Rate

Decoding display Ads

Unlike what many people think, display advertisements are the advertisements that are shown alongside the content on web pages. Brands that want to promote their products and services through targeted Ads, pay for allowing their Ads to be shown on such pages. So this serves as a way in which the individuals and businesses can monetize the traffic coming into their website.

The Ads itself can be text, audio or video and are even context based for better conversion rates. While this practice started off without much thought having gone into it and we were shown irrelevant Ads, times are changing fast now. There are ways and means to ensure that your Ads are only placed in relevant audiences to whom it matters. However, if advertisers do not apply their mind and use well thought out targeted strategies, all that display Ad budget may still go waste.

How it works

Display Ad statistics suggest that most people find them intolerable, mostly because they are irrelevant. Clicks are accidental and not intentional and people for good measure also use Ad blockers. Displaying contextual Ads that matter is the key to success in this domain.

Let’s look at an example to prove a point. If you have a cookery blog, you may sign up for the display Ads on your page in order to monetize the same. But the earnings from this will start coming in and increase only if the display Ads shown on your page matter to the readers who visit your page. Most likely the visitors of the page would be cooking enthusiasts looking for recipes etc. So display Ads of cooking utensils and appliances and fresh grocery or other baking supplies or cooking classes, recipe books etc. are more likely to be clicked on rather than, say a furniture or home sale Ad.

Get it right

As mentioned above, get the context right and you have already gone a long way in ensuring the ROI on your display Ads. Nowadays there are also options available to show display Ads as part of the page as sponsored content rather than as standout Ads that are an eye sore. The seamless Ads can be shown using the LinkedIn Display Network or Google AdWords. This makes for a good feel for the user as some information is being shared with them about what they like without actually making it feel intrusive.

Once again, there are statistics that prove that such Ads are viewed more as they are targeted. People are more likely to take notice, like, comment or share such Ads as they are genuinely interested in it. The chances of conversions in such cases are also more.

Plan your Display Ad strategy

It is important to know what you want to sell, to whom, where, how and when etc. Knowing your target audience and accordingly buying display Ad space wisely specifically can go a long way in ensuring maximum ROI for your shoestring marketing budgets. This is actually a very powerful way of advertising, though done wrong, you will never realize the potential of the same.

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