How To Avoid Spamming Of Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign?

As a genuine company wishing to reach out to existing or new customers, it can be frustrating when you become aware that your marketing emails are being sent directly to someone's spam folder. If this is the case it may seem like there is not much you can do from your end, but here we are going to look at how you are able to avoid spamming of your marketing emails.

What you may not realise is most of the time your emails don't reach customers inbox’s at all. Most of the time an email is sent to spam but the email provider - in an effort to protect the email user from nonsense mail. There are five steps an email goes through before it can produce any benefits for your business. 

  • Email is sent

  • Email goes through spam filter created by mailing company

  • Email delivered

  • Email Opened

  • Content Clicked

It goes without saying that it is step 2 where most email marketing campaigns fall short.

So what are these email providers looking for?

Email providers look for a number of things when trying to determine if your email is spam. The first and probably the most important is whether the user has previously interacted with your company. They look at whether the email has been opened or replied to, if they have removed the email from the spam or junk folder, if they have moved it to a specific folder of their own creation and if your email address has been added to the users address book. Before, they were not so advanced and they only used to look for certain phrases to determine spam from non spam. Once the email provider has scanned past interactions they basically give you 2 separate scores the first is whether the subscriber interacts with your emails and the second is if many of the email providers users as a whole open your emails. So both the individuals usage and all their users usage are used to figure out spam.

Follow these 5 steps to land in the inbox 

  • Only email those who have given permission

  • Use a familiar ‘From’ name (make sure it is clear who it is emailing them, so they can recognize they signed up to this)

  • Dont be lazy with it - Send the marketing campaigns to those who it will interest, don't just send it to everyone in the hopes someone will be interested.

  • Enable users to reply to the email - Don't use a dontreply@

  • Double check to make sure the emails are being sent from your business domain name and not the default domain of the service provider

It is very easy as a company to forget that there are steps that an email goes through before it reaches your client base. It is not as easy as clicking send and it is in the inbox. Having said that, the steps that should be followed to insure the email does not end up in the spam folder are not difficult either. If the research is done and the content is correct it is easy to make it to the inbox.

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