How to Enhance “Social Media Designing” Strategies?

The ultimate objective of business is earning profits. Social media is being actively pursued to gain new customers for the business. But is it possible to reach out customers without making any strategy pertainingto socialmedia? The answer is no. Like all marketing collaterals, social media also require your intervention and strategy for its profitable working. The organizations need to blend the social media strategy with the marketing activities of the company. This way the impact of the medium will be loud and clear. The most important factor working in favor of social media is visual appeal. When a strong visual brand is created, it hits the social community and delivers a successful brand appeal which attracts more customers in the company’s kitty.

Things to pursue when designing social media
1) Color your brand- The visual appearance of a brand matters a lot in customer engagement through social media. Align specific colors for your brand, so that it leads to brand recognition. Based on the business, you can use the color palette. The color will depict the story that the brand wants to convey and create impressions about the brand. Bright colors can be chosen for fun brands and more pastel shades for serious ones.

2) Writing Style- The font that the company uses creates a visual impression on the minds of the customer. In social media, the fonts work in favor of the brand and bring the pictures to life. It successfully delivers the message the brand wants to convey. The clearer the font, greater will be the impact of the brand. The font size needs to be changed for differentmediums so that the impact remains same.

3) Content is the king- With all the images the content needs to be apt to make an appeal. The organization needs to put relevant data on its social media pages so that accurate information is reached to its customers. The data should be customer centric. Focus on writing content that is in trend and people are interested to know. The social media should also be used as a medium to connect and respond to its customers.

4) Identify the image filter- Every brand is unique and to identify the brand’s uniqueness, a photo filter should be used. This filter turns out to be the identity of the brand, which the customers recognize. This style should be copied across all platforms so that posts are identified and the personality of the brand is created. The use of the same filter across the social media will even give a consistent look and appeal of the brand that will work in favor of brand identification.
5) Contrasting hues- The social media pages should bear images of the brand in contrasting colors, size and shapes. This improves the overall appearance, and each feature gets highlighted which beautifies the visuals of the page. Like, you can use a combination of light and dark colors in your templates. All social media pages should include the same template with the same contrasting hues so that it creates brand visibility.

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