How to Go About App Store Optimisation

You have an app that you would like to appear in an app store. Like search engines, it is important to optimise your listing. This is to make it appear among the first results and therefore get more downloads. This can be achieved by considering the following:
Understand the Customer
You have to understand the customer in order to make the app attractive to your target audience. Analyse the competition and find out what language they use in promoting their apps. Also, incorporate this language into your listing. Find out what the customer would want in an app and include that in the information about your listing in order to draw attention.
Name and Keywords
The name of the app is another important factor. You have to use a name that is relevant to what the app does. In addition to this, include some guiding words that are commonly searched for by people online. Look through the key words and just like SEO optimisation, include at least one in your name. This will draw more people to the application.
The keywords should also be used in the description of the listing that you are supposed to send to the app store. The best way to include these words in your listing is to sprinkle them naturally and in grammatically correct ways. Stuffing the listing with keywords makes it look generic and is against what some app stores allow.
In the description that is read by customers and interested parties, write out exactly what the app is for and what it does. In this, you do not need to include keywords. It helps customers understand what your app is about and helps them make a decision on whether or not they actually need it.
Screenshots and Videos
Include screenshots and videos in your listing. Many people want to get something that they are sure will work. Including these screenshots and videos allows the consumer to see exactly what they should expect once they have downloaded and installed the app.
Customise Your Listing
Using one strategy for a global market is a wrong approach and will not yield results. However, if you include customised listings for different regions, you will rank higher. People want to get something that they can understand in their language without having to interpret what it is about from English or any other language to their own local dialect.
Increase Traffic
While app store optimisation techniques work, it is also advisable to create traffic and direct it to your app. The more people look into it, the higher your ranking in searches will become. Consider using outside promotions or links on other related sites to direct people to the application.
App store optimisation is very similar to SEO optimisation although there are some subtle differences. Using the same principles will help you push your app ranking higher than other competitive apps. These simple steps will help your listing to rank higher.

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