How To Make Customers Click The Subscribe Button

As a blog owner, at one point you must have experienced this disheartening frustration of having very few or even zero subscribers. It must be your goal to attract any reader magically after reading your posts.

However, it takes much effort to convince an audience that it is going to benefit from you.


Your number of subscribers lies on the quality of your blog. This ranges from your content, what you offer to the professional outlook of your blog.

What should you do?

  • Write a lot

According to studies, the more your blog stays updated the more traffic it receives. People would love to associate with blogs that aid them to solve their problem and improve.

Remember, Google gives precedence to websites which stay updated. Update your blog at least twice a week. 

  • Make it simple to enter an email address

Forms with prefilled instructions like “enter your email address” are very simple. Ensure that the text disappears when somebody clicks on it to input details. Nobody has time to deal with complicated sign-up forms.

If your form is complicated, you might lose many potential subscribers.

  • Use the Social Media to invite subscribers

When was the last time you asked your friends to subscribe to your newsletter?

Did you know that sharing your new blog posts on social media reaches many people? You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to get people.

Post your Newsletter on your fun page to enlighten those who haven’t yet subscribed.

  • Encourage your readers to share your new blog posts and forward your newsletters

Did you know that most people learn from others? If many subscribers read your latest blog post and share it, you are likely to receive more customers.

How many times have you seen a catchy blog post link on social media and clicked to read it? After finding the content is useful, you must have subscribed.

  • Reduce clicks to subscribe

Ensure that you put an opt form on the sidebar of your site and not on the front page just in case somebody lands on another page. With a WordPress blog, Getresponse and Aweber among other auto-responder systems have widgets that aids in dragging and dropping a form into a sidebar.

Use QR Codes

Have you ever thought about Quick response codes? With the emerging Smartphone market, you can use bar codes to increase subscribers in your blog. The symbols can be scanned, and if they have a URL, that web page will open in that Smartphone.

Furthermore, they can be distributed in business cards, post cards, and other advertising methods. That is how simple people could land on your blog.

  • Offer a freebie to your subscribers, and an opt thank you page

Create a freebie and offer it to anyone who subscribes to your newsletter. Exclusive offers are not only convincing but also help people gain your trust.

Thanking users for subscribing and giving them steps on how to confirm their sign up and get the freebie is a great way to get subscribers without hurting your head.

Don’t try to sell anything yet, but try to offer helpful ideas to your subscriber.

  • Maximize the preview pane

Display the first few lines of your content as a snippet of the whole text. Let your subscribers have an overview of what they are going to read just the way Gmail and Outlook does. What your customers see in the preview lane should be the message you intended to pass.

Now imagine yourself as a subscriber who is about to subscribe to a newsletter. Would the above factors affect your decision? If yes, implement them and watch the incredible change in your blog.

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