How To Use Your Whiteboard Animated Videos In Content Marketing

There is an increasing trend to use whiteboard animation videos to promote on line material. This does not necessarily highlight and promote a brand but it raises interest in the types of products or services that are offered.

What is animated whiteboard marketing?

It is when an artist will create a story or instructions drawn on a whiteboard and record themselves doing it .It can communicate messages in a different way and allows as well for simple explanations.

Keeping animation video marketing fresh

It is important that you know how to use whiteboard animation to keep it fresh and generate leads.

Plan ahead

It is important that you firstly define what you actually want to achieve. This way you can develop a strategy for drawing and awareness to your viewers. Consider: 

  • Animate something funny: - a funny story or even instructions that use humor are always well received.

  • Re use existing content: - Sometimes the best content is already out there but becomes more accessible to viewers when re explained in whiteboard animation.

  • Teach useful stuff: - People will remember your whiteboard video if you have actually taught them something.

  • Tell a story:-Remember bring your animated whiteboard videos to life by telling a story. Everyone loves a story so give them a short one and get better content marketing. 

  • Liven up a boring subject: - Whiteboard animation can liven up an otherwise boring but necessary subject. For example the FAQ’s page or even the About Us page can be drawn creatively and still get the point across.

Remember your audience you are targeting.

It is very easy to forget that content marketing is all about giving your audience information that they seek .Create your video with the audience in mind. Focus on a single message.

Too much and too long

Don’t put too much information into one whiteboard video. Your audience may get bored and your message gets watered down .It also should not be too long. Various researches have shown that 60 % of viewers will click away after 2 minutes .The recommended time is 90 seconds.

Stick to the Script

Draw up a script and stick to it .This will ensure that you don’t ramble on and go off the point.

Highlight Branding

It is great if the viewer understands your message in your video but not if at the end they forget the brand .Include brand pictures logos and themes as well.

Perfection isn’t required.

Fortunately whiteboard animation videos are one type of content where perfection isn’t required. They are meant to be more casual and if there is a small mistake it is unlikely to that you will lose your audience.

Call to Action

It is important to include a clear call to action. It should tell them the next steps they need to take to get more information.

These tips will assist you in producing a whiteboard animation video which will not only entertain prospective clients but improve your marketing.

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