How Will Pinterest Help Your Blog to Reach Out To Drive Traffic

Pinterest and blogs – What’s the connection?

With so many options available to create free blogs, more and more people are taking to blogging to express and share their views, tips and information. However, not all bloggers get noticed or go viral. Only a few manage to be successful bloggers with loyal followers. So it is important to know how to drive traffic to your blog so you can reach out to maximum audiences.

Pinterest is a free website that allows people to register and use it. It started primarily to help users find relevant information from the World Wide Web. But has evolved across the years and in April 2017 they announced 175 million monthly active users. This is a huge base that can be tapped to promote your blogs.

Pinterest users are allowed to upload and manage data as “Pins” and “Pinboards”. Pinboards can be used to provide personalized unique content based on any specific theme or topic. Users can “pin it” and a collection of pins is what is found on a board. It also allows image based search for good measure.

How to use Pinterest for driving blog traffic?

  1. Create a pinboard for your blog: The visibility of pin feeds is huge and hence create a pinboard with the same name as your blog. Ensure that some valid description or summary accompanies your blog post on the pinboard along with its link and also post a valid image to go with it. The keywords used in the summary should be ones which people would use to search for information on that particular topic. This will ensure that the pinboard shows up in the search, and in turn, your blog gets noticed and read.
  2. Interact: Pinterest users who like your blogs will start following your pinboard and that will automatically give you a certain amount of reach for your blogs. Post relevant pins as often, follow the followers, like, comment, respond to any queries on your blogs etc. This will keep the communication going and the interest in your blogs as well.
  3. Create related Pinboards: Apart from your blog pinboard, create a few other related topic Pinboards. Pin interesting images on these boards with content that links back to your blogs in relevant ways that make it useful and productive. This will increase the traffic too.
  4. Use good images: A picture is worth a thousand words. This is not just a saying. Almost all statistics for online content prove that this is indeed true. Relevant attractive pictures make a mark and hold peoples' attention. They are moiré likely to click on it rather than a long drawn sentence trying to convey the message. Use images wisely that help you put your message across and ensure these too can be linked back to your blog content.
  5. Optimize Pinboards for SEO: Pinboards contents too need to be optimized using SEO techniques as they too get picked up and shown in the Google search. Wise use of appropriate keywords, relevant summary etc. can vastly improve your chances of being shown up in searches.

It is important to know and understand the power of websites like Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog page. After all there is no point in putting out your views there if no one is reading it. So get a hang of Pinterest and make the best use of it.

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