How Will Testimonials Improve Your Brand?

Testimonials play a crucial role for all those companies that are trying to sell a product or a service. They help in establishing the credibility of a firm. Testimonials of your buyers are the unbiased voices and not any strong sales pitch. The testimonials help a merchant to get prospective customers because the testimonials promote a product in a convincing fashion. Testimonials can be used in several formats – text, video, audio to attract a large number of traffic to your website.

Below are a few important tips on how to use the testimonials to improve your brand name.

  1. Be selective – The smartest way to use testimonials is by choosing those that will work best. Choose the testimonials that include detailed product descriptions and specific advantages of the same; they will satisfy the need of your prospective consumer and can tackle any pain point.
  2. Show face – Add images to your customer testimonials to increase your website’s trust factor by manifold. Several kinds of researches have shown that adding pictures increases CTR (click-through-rate) by significant amounts. It shows that the testimonial is from a “real” buyer.
  3. Show off your testimonials everywhere – It is always a clever idea to show off your great testimonials. Add them wherever possible – homepage, case study page, contact page and you can also create an exclusive testimonial page. Talk to your website designer to figure out the best ways in which the testimonials can be added to your website.
  4. Consider the personas of your buyer – When you are collecting the useful testimonials, remember to target all the pain areas of each of your prospective consumer. Many potential customers will look for those testimonials that are related to their individual personas; stories that showcase similar people like them becoming successful. Try featuring testimonials of your customers belonging to different demographics so that you can attract all your relevant buyers easily.
  5. Do not fake it – The thumb rule for using testimonials on your website is to use the “real” ones from the “real” customers. One should never try to fake them. It is quite risky to try to fake the testimonials on your site. Testimonials are meant to establish trust and provide credibility. If you fake them, you will never be able to build a good relationship with your prospective buyers. Faking the testimonials can put the reputation of your company at stake. Moreover, faking might yield you some business in the initial few days, but you will not be able to sustain in the long run.
  6. Get video – Having video testimonials on your website is not a mandatory rule for improving your brand. However, it is something which one should definitely consider. Hearing or seeing a consumer talk about your service or product does much more than merely reading it. Get some of your reliable customers on board and create a short video (30 seconds to 1-minute duration) testimonial; ask them to share how your product helped them or benefitted them. This appreciation of your present customers will definitely be noticed by your prospects and thus will generate more leads.

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