Mistakes of Email Marketing Campaigns

Most businesses do email marketing campaigns these days, it’s just a statement of fact. So in a world where every company seems to be sending numerous emails a week, how do you go about making sure your stands out? Here are a few of the biggest mistakes you need to make sure you avoid.

Firstly, mobile technology is big. Whether you’re the average Joe that’s just woken up and goes straight on your phone or you’re Mister International that has a business meeting in a different country 7 days a week, chances are you’re checking your emails on your phone. So why is it that so many people ignore the opportunity to make sure their email campaigns are optimized for mobile use! No matter what the message is you’re trying to get across, 9 times out of 10 people aren’t going to make the effort to read it if it’s not already in the right format.

Now when you’re trying to push your website and promote it as much as you can one of the simplest things you can do is just put a link into your email campaign. The average email contains 23.3 links to the website in question but you’d be amazed at how many completely omit a link at all! So even if you only put a link in once, make sure you it goes straight to a landing page that will continue the story that your email was telling. Add a few extra links and you’re more likely to get people to actually click on one and there’s the starting point!

Now, we all know that half the emails we get into our inboxes are rubbish that isn’t relevant to us so there’s not much point in sending bulk emails to everyone. A massive multinational corporation will not have the same needs as an independent business that has only been up and running for a matter of months. Only 11% of companies segment their email list but you’re a lot more likely to respond to something that feels like it has a little bit of a personal touch. So take an extra little bit of time, set up an email list with some thought process and see how much of a difference it can make to your business.

Finally, and this is key, don’t overhype your subject line. You know those news articles you see where you’re clicking page after page and in the end you’ll find out that it was all a lie? Well nobody wants that filling up their emails either. Once somebody has clicked a link once and finds that it isn’t relevant to what your subject line was they’re less likely to look again in the future. So yes, you want to draw people in and you want to make them intrigued but don’t over hype what you can’t live up to, it’ll only let people down.

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