Poor Presentation will cost you!

Really?! You think presentation is that important? What about the amount of efforts and the day-night hard work that I put in? What about the numerous thoughts and ideas that I implement? What about the complex mathematical calculations and the fact-based conclusions that I draw? What about the meticulous reviews that I do to ensure flawless execution of the project? All these parameters are your considerations. They prove your mettle to you and only you.

But for the business, what you present is what you have done. If your presentation does not reflect your work precisely, if your efforts are not showcased in your presentation, then be assured- your hard work has gone down the drain. Your presentation is your opportunity to tell your side of the story and so tell your story well for a happy ending!

Effects of poor presentation

A poor presentation can drive away your business to competitors. Consider the following pitfalls in presentation to avoid that from happening:

  1. A good presentation excites the consumer and influences him to know more about your product. If your presentation has a lot of charts and graphs, your consumer will get confused. If it has lot of data and information, your consumer will be bored. Confused and bore consumer do not make happily ready and convinced clients. Presentation should be simple, interactive and informative. It should address the consumer’s needs.
  2. The presentation should prove that your product or services are reasonable. It will happen only if your presentation shows the effectiveness and multiple functionality the product has to offer. Consumers should be compelled to think that they are getting value for money.
  3. If the presentation spares some space for remedial actions, the consumer is relieved to know that the company has assessed risk and is reliable.
  4. A sloppy presentation will convey an idea that your company does not know what it is doing or offering. Presentation should be organised and free flowing. The flow of the presentation should be in conjugation with the thought process of the consumer.
  5. Good communications skills are essential to get a point across without altering the meaning of what is being conveyed. Poor communication skills in presentation represents unprofessional and lame outlook of company towards handling business.
  6. PowerPoint presentations used should be simple and clear. However, bland presentation will drift the consumer’s mind miles away. Presentation should use maximum of two and uncomplicated fonts. Varying fonts and difficult to understand style of font can be off-putting. Use of visual effects like animations should be kept to a minimum. Over-use of animations and transitions can distract the viewer from the point of discussion.
  7. Including hyperlinks in presentations and navigating to web pages or opening other apps to show some information, may prevent your viewer from the monotony of slides after slides of data. Typos and broken hyperlinks should be strictly avoided.

Your presentation shows what you stand for, represent your company well with a better presentation.

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