Press Releases In Today’s Market

Given the massive changes in today's markets and various sectors. It is very important to have a strong marketing strategy to match the new, cost-effective and powerful tools such as social media platforms, automation and cutting edge media to match. A powerful strategy can never go wrong but people need to be cautious about what they assume is great or horrible. The perception of how bigger companies deal with their marketing schemes is very different as it was in the early 2000’s. So, the best approach that smaller up-and-coming companies have proved successful, is to look at how people consume content.

A lot of companies that have made staples in modern life are beginning to fail because they cannot keep up. For instance, the McDonald’s franchise has taken many hits to the chin with a lot of things that they have done for promotion of their brand. In the early stages of their development as a franchise they managed to make all the right moves. Following first with the way they realized that kids and families were coming to their restaurants more often, with that they decided to pool their resources to ad place as much as they could with their Happy Meal and Ronald McDonald. The way they could read their market follows with that generation being happy and more accepting of cool and hip things. Many companies have followed suit in the idea that, whatever is currently happening in the world you make your product support that. Press Releases kept in almost a seasonal fashion, however the world spins differently now and it’s not all flowers in the field.

So how smaller companies create ad campaigns and press releases is by causing a stir rather than following the tide. The fact of the matter is if you follow the tide of what's trending you won't be successful. So, press releases aren’t dead they just aren’t the preferred method any more. Due to Press Releases, sometimes being expensive and sometimes impossible if you don’t have the right connections to your outlets. So, with the power of the internet people can now release information and ads for a much lower cost and bigger reach if done properly.

One of the best ways to achieve this is one of two things. You’re either well versed in how trends work or hire a data analyst for your marketing team. Without either of these things you will be caught dead in the water as smaller companies rise from the ashes of the internet and become a shaker of their industry in no time at all.
However, the importance of press releases is something I personally prefer even if it’s a dying thing. My feelings on this are the same with curators of every kind. You need accredited outlets to filter the massive amounts of information that can be true or false. This reason is also how news and brand curation sites are still alive because they need to be. 

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