Pulling Customers with a Perfect Packaging Design
Packaging is not just a container for the product. Your packaging tells potential customers about your brand and the product, that is why it is important to have the perfect packaging design. A customer should know what the product is and what it does as soon as they see it. Since childhood, customers have dealt with packaging. The way you present your product sets you apart from your competition, it is more important than ever to get consumers to notice you.
Brand Identity- Who are You?
Determine what you want customers to understand about your company and product. Figure out how you will get your message across to them visually. Pick the right words and visuals to match the company’s values and mission. Help your potential customers understand that your brand is the right choice.
What sets your product apart?
Your label is letting the customer find out what your company and product is all about. Is it gluten free? Local ingredients? Does the company have a backstory to impress? Share what makes your company different.
Consider the challenges your demographic faces and address them or solve their problems.
Before you can build your label, you must have a deep understanding of your target market and your brand. Work with your label company to create the perfect label from a material, ink, adhesive, and more. Your label is an asset and a recognizable piece for any business.
Selecting Colors
When designing the label and the rest of the packaging, remember that customers already have set expectations on what colors mean. Evoking different moods requires different colors, blue is a calming color and is visually pleasing to both men and women. Purple is usually associated with luxury and brown earthy tones for organic or natural products. Do some research on what your competition uses and stray away from it - use a different color scheme or design shape to stand out.
Picking the Perfect Materials
When choosing your materials, think about what could get ruined in shipping- before it even gets to the customer. Avoid mixing a material that could cause your ink to smudge or easily ripped labels.  The physical appearance can be the deciding factor for a customer on what product they pick. Think of the kinds of ink you might use, spot color and process color are very different. Spot color is a solid color, and process color is printed using small dots in the CMYK colors to create the color you want.
Some label sizes and materials may limit what you can print on it color-wise so talk to your label company before setting your heart on an exact color and design.
Creating an attractive, yet efficient package can be a challenge, but your packaging shows customers that your product is the best out of the competition. Keep in mind to pick out materials that do not cut into profits too much, but also do not skimp on them. Your packaging might be the deciding factor for a potential customer in a split-second decision.

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