Surefire Ways To Make Your Blog Readable

Let’s be sincere.

Isn’t blogging a hard work?

Is your blog worth all your efforts and investments? What do readers think about your blog?

The answer to that lies on its readability. A perfect blog is the one that users desperately follow up and wouldn’t want to miss a single post.

But how?

Let’s have a look.

Readability is how easy your blog posts are to read. Flesch-Kincaid is a popular tool that measures readability accurately. If your score is between 60.0-70.0, then your content is readable.

Google considers readability of the content in your blog before ranking it.

How can you improve readability on your blog?

  • Use short paragraphs

A short paragraph should have a minimum of 4-5 sentences. A short paragraph is easy to read and scan through. A paragraph with one sentence is okay too.

Each paragraph should have one idea. A blog post with many white/blank spaces is very readable because at least a reader can skip a line without missing the point. 

  • Shorten the length of your sentences

Did you know that the secret to avoiding common mistakes in writing is using short sentences? Cut off extra words that don’t add value to the content. Get rid of adverbs for example, and, generally, e.t.c.

  • Utilize formatting tags

What are formatting tags for if you don’t use them in your write-up? Make use of bold, underlines and italics to spice up your content and enchant your readers

  • Use alternative to common words

Examples of an alternative to common words are fantastic, friendly, great, good, etc.

  • Avoid prepositional phrases

Don’t use common prepositions e.g., include of, among, around, about, into, without, through and many others.

Replace a phrase with one word

You can use words like suddenly in place of all of a sudden, instead of to replace at this point in time and much more. You can check on 50 plain language substitutions for more details.

  • Spice up your writing

 How do you plan to catch the attention of your readers? According to Henneke on enchanting market, you can improve readability by writing in a conversational tone. You speak to the reader by including questions and even cooking up stories.

Just imagine if you were watching your favorite movie and you receive an email. On checking the email, you find the sender is narrating a personal story. Wouldn’t you be distracted a bit and read the story?

You might want to find out the message behind that story. To be precise, spicing up your writing has authority over your reader.

  • Use images

Did you know that a picture is the source of imagination? Can people see the world you have painted?

Most people would prefer imagination over explanation. Using images makes your content attractive.

Finally, avoid using passive voice as much as you can.

  1. The book was written by her.
  2. She wrote the book.

Sentence two sounds better compared to sentence one. Active voice affects the readability of your content.

Isn’t it simple to make your blog readable? Before you start marketing that product or service in your blog, make sure that your readability score is more than 60.0.

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