Targeting the Right Keywords in Your Keyword Research

Importance of keyword research

Marketing is nowadays associated with words like social media, keywords, search engine optimization (SEO) etc. A lot of study has gone into search engine algorithms and how they operate. The bottom line to succeed online is to ensure that your website link comes up on top of the search results. To ensure this, it is important to identify the right keywords and phrases to associate with your website. Keyword research has hence become one of the most important and sought after tool that helps to improve footfalls to your website.

Understanding who your audience is; what they look for and what words they would use to search for products and services is essential in keyword research. It saves time and money for marketers. Keyword research can be used to understand customer trends and preferences to help a marketer to fine tune the products and services as per that. The aim is to meet the customer demands and improve conversions.

SEO is an art

Search Engine Optimization is an art that needs to be mastered by the webmasters. It doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t happen in a day. There are enough tools available that help analyze the website traffic and the keywords customers use for searching. One needs to understand if the keywords chosen will do the job of helping customers and thereby improving conversions.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are others out there who are also looking to leverage on the SEO and keyword research based strategy. Before choosing to go with specific keyword campaigns and Ads, it is good to know who the competitors are. Find out if they are already using the same keywords.

Once you have the information, you can intelligently narrow down on your SEO strategy with the right keywords and phrases. SEO is a process that must be evolved through trial and errors. One needs to implement and test to see if it gives the desired results. There is no marketing strategy that does not require the returns to be measured. Hence, it’s applicable even with the keyword research strategy.

Ensuring better keywords

The key to arriving at better keywords is to understand that more than 70% of the keywords used in searches are unique, usually called as the long tail. People often use long tail keyword searches when they are more likely to buy. They already know what they want and so their search is more specific. It is important to know this to stay ahead of your competition in the keyword battle.

Using tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Microsoft Bing Ads intelligence etc. can go a long way in this strategy. Success with keywords depends on understanding the demand for your products and services and the keywords that get used to search for that. It looks like a lot of hard work, but then it pays off. It will also keep the ROI measuring marketers happy.

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