The Use of The Hashtag in Social Media

When it was first made, the hashtag was done to represent a number. Today, the hashtag is part of social media usage, especially on Twitter, to represent any keyword to reflect it as a topic of interest for people to search about. However, not everybody is familiar withwhat the concept of the hashtag is about. Hashtags label certain information, giving Twitter usersan index to findother tweets and links of the same subject. Use the hashtag in a correct manner and the message will spread outrather quickly and effectively to thousands of Twitters. 

Hashtags first came into use from a Google employee in 2007, the year after Twitter was established. Soon, it caught on for its primary purpose and now a sidebar of trending topics can be found on Twitter. It is a powerful mechanism to spread anything around. About three-quarters of Twitter users have used a hashtag in their tweets. However, people have used them incorrectly, confusing followers. There are a proper set of rules in writing in hashtags without becoming a fool on Twitter – and let the trolls come in and mock the tweet, as they usually do. 

First, don’t mash up multiple words within one hashtag (#ThisIsAnExampleOfABadHashtag). Second, when writing a hashtag on a public account, those who look for that hashtag will find the post. However, don’t fill the entire post with hashtags (#like #this #because #its #annoying). Any tweet with a hashtag will be found and responded twice more than hashtag-less tweets. Third, make sure a word with the hashtag in front is relevant and not a throwaway word. Getting people to read a tweet with a hash tagged word that is not relevant won’t helpbecause it will feel like spam.

Make the hashtags as specific as possible to the targeted audience so they will be more interested in the product or service. A hashtag that is labeled by a brand does not need even the name, but just have it symbolize clearly what it is. Or, another option would be to hashtag the actual name of the product. For charitable causes, hashtag a word or two to bring awareness to it, like a specialized day. This is all part of a perfect social media marketing strategy, which includes Facebook and Instagram, two other platforms that use the hashtag. They also have their own ways of finding hash tagged words, but it helps.

When coming up with hashtags to use to reach out to the public, consider what the people would like to find. Look for keywords and hashtags that have been used before and try to rewrite or come up with something wittier than that. Knowing the fundamentals on using hashtags is important to knowingwhat social media strategy will be implemented. Hashtags help people connect to others, leading to follows and retweets, and showing a different audience what the businesses is all about.

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