Using Digital Marketing to Create a Buzz

Digital marketing has taken over the more traditional marketing techniques. Banners, posters, and advertisements are still considered as part of the strategy, but digital marketing is more popular. Companies, brands and service providers have discovered that the use of social media and other popular online websites is a way to generate interest in what they have to see. This is done through different ways:
Making Videos
Some brands make videos surrounding funny, controversial or popular topics and include their products and services in the conversation. This peaks the interest of the consumer because of the trending topic then leads them to the topic about the product or service. This is a smart way to get word out about products and services without having to do an advertisement on television.
Companies have taken to involving influencers as a part of online marketing. Influencers have a moderate following on social media and have some particular sector or field that they are interested in and passionate about. Companies, therefore, take to influencers who fit into what their products or services exemplify.
In this way, the influencers get people like-minded people talking about the product and create a buzz. It does not have to be many people. It can even be family members and friends. The aim of this type of marketing is to reach those who are more likely to be interested in the product as opposed to reaching out to the market as a whole.
Some brands opt to use celebrities as opposed to influencers. Celebrities have a much larger following and would, therefore, reach many people at a go. The aim of digital marketing through celebrities is to make the product or service known. This is especially done by new and unknown brands when they want to break through the market and get people to notice the product exists.
Popular Blogs and Websites
Companies get a popular blogger to try out the product. This product is given out for free. The blogger is then tasked with reviewing the product and making a mention of it on the blog to create awareness. Often, the bloggers are given the option to give the company honest feedback about the product.
It is not enough to generate a conversation around a product or service anymore. If people cannot associate the product with the company or the brand, then this cannot turn into sales and profits. Traditional methods of marketing were tasked with getting the information out to the masses then hoping that even a few would be interested. Digital marketing, on the other hand, seeks to create awareness and convert the same into sales.
This can only be done by using means and sources that the customer trusts. If you are using an influencer to create buzz, for example, you have a higher rate of conversions and sales because the influencer’s immediate contacts trust their opinion. It, therefore, does not appear as though the company is trying to shove their products in your face.

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