Vital Elements of a User-Friendly Website

One thing that is critical to a website’s success, and yet often overlooked, is usability. Usability, or creating a user-friendly website can improve how your website performs overall, as well as increase your chances of succeeding by boosting your revenue and your sales. Your site should look good, of course, but that’s not all – it should provide an experience for visitors that is seamless and integrated. Making sure that your site is user-friendly will make you stand out among the competition, because it makes it easy for visitors to find the information that they need with ease and speed.

There are a few different characteristics of a user-friendly website that are ultimately good across the board, and can be considered vital in making sure your site succeeds. Mobile compatibility is one – accessing websites on the go with tablets, devices, and smartphones is becoming more commonplace, and having a mobile-optimized website can honestly be considered a necessity. Another necessity is making sure that your site is accessible to all users, including the elderly, the blind, and the disabled. This can be done by making sure that your website can be accessed easily by on-screen readers.

Your content should also be well-formatted and easy to skim. On average, the Internet user skims content instead of reading it thoroughly, so you want to make sure that your format is friendly to this kind of user. Sub-headings, paragraphs, bullet points, and more break up the text in a way that makes it easy to skim and get the highlights, or the important information. Another common thing that business websites overlook is the use of forms, in a way that is easily accessible and easily used. Usable forms have fields that are correctly labeled, with as few fields as possible, and display a message upon completion of the form.

In truth, a user-friendly website lets a user know that you’re a professional business with a focus on the customer and making the customer comfortable. Improve your chances of success by creating a user-friendly website, instead of a clunky, outdated website that alienates visitors instead of inviting them in.

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