Networking is one of the most important things your business must do to be successful. By networking, your business’s name is in the minds of potential clients when they may need your business’s service in the future. Business cards are usually the first impression of your business when you network. This article will discuss how you can use your business card to make a lasting impression and generate business for your company.
The design of your business card gives a profile of your business to potential clients and provides them with an idea of your level of professionalism. You want your business card to be colorful if your business is about creativity or minimalistic sleek if you want to display professionalism. The color and font used on your business card will give the face or personality of your business. If you want to give a contemporary vibe to your clients, use a sans serif type font. If you want to give your business card a more classical feel, use any type of serif font. You also want your card to be as original and memorable as it can be while staying professional. The front of your business card should have everything a client need to reach your business such as your company name, your name, phone number, email, and your logo. The back of your business card is the space you can use to stand out by placing images of some of your products or a large version of your logo. It may seem like a good idea to make your business card a non-traditional size but it can do more harm than good. Bigger business cards are less likely to be kept because they do not fit in a business car portfolio. Your business card is something you want other companies to keep and have in mind when they need a certain service of product that you provide.
The way you give out your business card at networking events is just as important as the design of it. No one likes having a business card shoved into their hand by a person going around the room with no interest of taking any themselves. If you want to turn business cards into actual business, you need to show as much interest in other businesses that you want them to have for your business. You should try to get to know a potential client and their business so that they know you don’t see them as just a walking wallet. By being genuinely interested and engaged in conversations, you will be more memorable to that client for when they require your business’s service. You should also get into the habit of following up with companies that made conversation and exchanged business cards with. Keeping in contact will create a connection between your companies for future business deals.
Overall, your business is portrayed during networking events by the presentation of your business card and the way they are handed out. Your business card is a small profile of your company and should represent your field of industry. This profile is only as strong as the way it is received by your potential clients. No one wants to do business with a company that shoves its bland, unprofessional business card into their hands. 

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