What All Backlinks Are To Be Added For Best SEO Results?
The SEO and backlinks connection
These two terms have been used often in tandem, though many people continue to be unaware of what exactly a backlink is. A backlink is when a web page links to another webpage. So, if you have a webpage that has multiple links to other web pages, then you are using backlinks.
The Internet content and the webpages have begun to be dictated by the search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for quite some time now. This means that the intention of the web pages is to ensure that they come up on top in the search results. This is vital to bring in foot falls. And intelligent footfalls lead to conversions and revenue.
It was observed as part of the SEO strategies that if you have links on your page, then the chances of your web page having a better SEO ranking was more. Hence, backlinks started to gain importance in the SEO discussions.

Quality backlinks
Most SEO strategies used to work on the quantity, rather than the quality aspect. These things changed when Google started making a lot of intelligent changes to its search and ranking algorithm. Hence, as with the case of many other aspects of SEO, even with backlinks it is important to have quality ones. There is no point in having numerous links on your web page that do not really go anywhere or are just masked sites put up for the sake of it.
Trustworthiness, popularity, relevance of the content, use of anchor text, ownership of target links etc. are a few factors that play a huge role in improving backlinks based SEO ranking. The quality backlinks that can be included in the web pages to improve SEO results can be:

  1. Unique, high quality blogs – Choose topics that are relevant and maintain blog pages that provide good quality content that is unique. Such backlinks can prove to be extremely useful. Using guest posts can help a lot in bringing in referral traffic through the backlinks. Alternately, you can also submit guest posts on other relevant sites. This can be improved further by following, commenting or starting a discussion.
  2. Using infographics – A picture is worth a thousand words or should we say, a thousand links? Publishing good articles with eye catching relevant infographics is a good backlink strategy.
  3. Social Media links – A big part of marketing nowadays is in having social media accounts and using it to the maximum advantage. The backlinks can also be to your social media links to relevant posts and vice versa too.
  4. Broken link building – This is a great way of getting quality backlinks. The key is to find broken links of similar content and reaching out to them and asking them to update and provide a link to your content.
These are a few of the tips and tricks that can be used to add backlinks to webpages for getting better SEO results. A trial and error method can help you evolve the best backlinks on your page.

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