What All You Can Learn From Big Brands
It is hard to imagine big brand businesses being small at any point but they had to have been when they started. All the big brand names of today once used to be small businesses that had to work hard to be where they are now. There are lessons to be learned on their success that can help your business become a future big brand name.
Building a Brand
Smaller businesses should look to give their consumers an experience that will make them want to share to other consumers and on their social media. This can be done by giving your consumers something they can make their own or by making your product a media property. A good example of personalization is Build-a-Bear which allows all their customers to make one of a kind stuffed animals that compel their client base to share on social media. If your product isn’t customizable, becoming a media property like Redbull will also help your consumers distinguish you from your competitors. Small businesses can become a media property by showing the message to your consumers that you perform acts of kindness or daring stunts because that is the core principle of your business. One of the best way to distinguish your small business is to create original, compelling content. Compelling content can be anything from telling your story to unique social media accounts. It is safe to safe that practically everyone uses some form of social media, making it the best method to connect to your consumers. These tactics will help build your brand up above your competitors and ensure a growing consumer base.
If possible, smaller companies should use real-time marketing to sell their products. Big brands such as Google or Oreo link their messages to national and international events. Your business will begin to grow recognizable to your consumers and encourage them to buy your goods. Small businesses should be sending out as many ads as they can to flood their name into potential consumers’ head. The more consumers hear your business’s name, the more that they won’t be able to forget it. Video marketing has taken off as one of the best way to advertise your product in a way that it is memorable and easy to produce. Consumers are more likely to remember a video than a billboard or flyer since it requires more than one sense. You can make consumers laugh like the Old Spice commercials or make them feel nostalgic like Coca-Cola. The sight and sound of a video ad can evoke emotions to your consumer base making your brand identity more memorable and distinct.
Consumers want businesses that they can connect to and identify with; what better way to give them that than to mimic how they have connected to bigger brand names. The proof that these tactics works are evident in the way that bigger companies have grown to be what they are today. Like everything, it will take time to build up a reputation that your business can build on and begin to grow

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