What are the Steps to get Successful Infographics?

Today’s dynamic market is filled with innovative marketing solutions. Companies are trying hard to get customers on board. The number of customers seeking information about something or the other is endless. It is from this craving the infographic came into being. They are the beautiful and informative representation of data, which can be easily comprehended. They are designed as per graphic format, so that information is easily understood at a glance. The infographic basically turns a boring subject or a complicated topic interesting. With the market being extremely competitive and organizations opting for marketing through this medium, it becomes imperative to design infographic that is innovative and appealing, so that it stands out of the crowd.

Making a unique infographic

1) Identifying the purpose- Before starting out a new content strategy. It becomes important to analyze what information; the organization wants to deliver to its customers. What is the basis or a concept that is working behind the infographic? Who are the people being addressed? A successful infographic is the one that will be able to realize its customer’s needs.

2) Designing- The infographic is all about attraction. The document should be designed as such that it is visually appealing. The story should flow easily by means of words, diagrams, and pictures so that it is read by people. The virtue of simplicity should be maintained. Too much of color all over and fancy graphic doesn’t attract an audience, white space does. Add simple diagrams and graphics to enhance the appeal. The use of the correct font is equally important with correct styling. The flow of the story should be synchronized well with the use of pictures so that the story remains interesting until the end. The images included in the infographic should be as per the focal point of the story. The width should not exceed 735 pixels. Try keeping the length shorter than 5000 pixels.

3) Concentration- It might be that you will feel tempted to include more and more information in the infographic. This is the death knell as the infographic, is meant to concentrate on a single agenda. Too much of information is deadly; as it is not focused on sharing all company facts and figures at one go. The flow of the data is meant to withstand only the message that is to be conveyed.

4)Title- The first thing that any customer notices in an infographic is the heading. This is one area that requires due diligence, as it will make or break the interest of the target audience. The headline should be such that it conveys the idea behind the infographic and attracts attention. Shorter titles are preferable, as it can even sustain casual glances.

5) Publicize- The infographic is not going to be popular on its own. It needs marketing. Share the document with people known in your circle. Network and send it to prestigious sources. Be active on the social media and create a shareable link to the infographic. Include links to the infographic in all communications, sent from the organization.

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