What Will SEO Look Like In 100 Years?

Before we can determine how SEO will be like in the next 100 years, Can someone tell me what SEO is! SEO is the process of creating more traffic leads to your page by the use of search engines. Much debate has been created recently about the death of SEO. My opinion is that SEO will not die but evolve adopt new changes.
The real question is will SEO be dead in the next 100 years? What will it be like if it survives the next decade? From the beginning of the millennium SEO has continuously changed into new avatars that need marketers to constantly research to keep up with the upgrades. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) acts like a beacon of light that directs potential customers in its direction. What is the future of SEO? What changes will be made in the coming years? What new techniques will be implemented into the strategies? What will change and what will remain? Let’s discover.
Increased Mobile friendliness
Phones are currently the most used electronic devices in the world. They contribute more than 40% of traffic to web pages. Today web pages must ensure that their sites are mobile friendly. I believe within the next 100 years google will give websites with a higher mobile friendly rating a greater SEO ranking. It will be compulsory for web pages to have mobile friendly sites in order to efficiently create successful SEO campaigns.
Increased focus on quality
Google will seek to increase newer ways to generate quality content. Ratings on SEO marketing will be higher when concentration is made on customer’s intent rather than the keywords. Brands will create content that is relevant and more related to the customer's’ intent rather than use of  a bunch of keywords.
SEO will be vital for all organisations
All brands small and large will have to use the search engine optimisation options in order to be listed on the internet. It will almost be impossible to find an organisation on the internet without it being listed in the SEO options available. SEO will not only be a marketing strategy but a vital strategy for all companies.
Great impact will be faced by the ever changing algorithms
The various search engine algorithms always keep changing in today’s world. The changes however do not have much impact on brands.  In the next couple of years the changes will impact brands severely. New strategies will have to be implemented constantly to ensure brands keep up with the new demands.
Increased use of email campaigns
Email campaigns are continuously increasing in use today. Email campaigns will be much easy and more accepted in the future. They will be a great personalised means of generating traffic to your brand.
SEO means of marketing is here to stay. As much there is much debate about the death of SEO in the next few years, I believe it will survive through the next century. The main concept behind the engine will be similar the only changes will be the interface and the characteristics as listed above.

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