Why Should You Have a Landing Page?

If you’re a tech-savvy marketer for your business, you probably have already heard the term “conversion rate” as it pertains to your online customers. The number one goal of online marketing is to get your webpage visitors to convert from just passing through to an actual lead for your product/service/etc. Too many website administrators overlook the importance of the landing page, settling instead for basic visits to their webpage where customers tend to get distracted and leave without buying anything. A landing page is a special web page that lets you gather information about your site’s visitors via a conversion form. These pages, when used correctly, encourage users to take action- to download your material, buy your product, redeem your service coupon, whatever. Landing pages convert your online visitors from passive to active, making your business money.

One of the best parts about a focused landing page based from your website is that it’s easy to target your ideal audience. In an internet advertising campaign, your landing page can encounter a lot more traffic than your regular old homepage (no matter how awesome it is). It’s specific and pertinent. Your PPC (pay-per-click) costs are typically lower, but your conversions increase by attracting the right customer. It’s a win-win.

There is no reason not to use landing pages on your company’s website. If you’re directing all consumer traffic directly to your homepage, you’re practically throwing away potential customers. These pages are not tough to create, and are such an easy way to generate leads to use however you see fit. For instance, if you are running a pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement for your gutter-cleaning business, offering a 15% off coupon, and clicking your ad brings your consumer to your basic homepage, you’ll lose them in no time flat. They clicked for a specific reason: to participate in a sale. But when they clicked on the sale ad, they were brought to a page that made no mention of it, and you effectively broke a promise to them. This is where landing pages come in! Your landing page for the 15% off gutter cleaning will give them more details about the services and discount, as well as offer an action item to get them to sign up for your services. Think of it like a trade deal between you and your customer; they traded you their information for your special discount.

One of the many neat aspects of this type of marketing is the capacity for it to build on itself. Once leads start converting using your landing pages, you and/or your marketing team can start using the information collected to analyze what demographic of consumer has been most likely to buy your product. All information is valuable, but knowing who to advertise to is a huge win.

You can never have too many landing pages. If your company has a ton of different offerings and opportunities, don’t be afraid to give each its own landing page. It’s easy and profitable – so what are you waiting for?

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