Why Using Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…) Has Become A Marketing Necessity?
The social impact
Man is a social animal. Most human actions are driven by the society and the notions of what people around think or say. This aspect is what has helped social media evolve into an important tool today. So, whether you just want to be in touch with your family and friends across the globe or want to do some branding for your products services, social media has become a must.
The power of social media can only be comprehended when you truly understand its reach. It is so instant, accessible and reaches out to the masses in no time. For upcoming artists or performers and wannabe writers or entrepreneurs, the social media provides a platform at their fingertips. Without spending much, they are actually able to reach out to people and make their presence felt. This is more so for brands vying for market share in a highly competitive scene.

It’s the in thing
‘To be’ is very important in this highly social world. And right now, social media is the place to be. People get to know about world affairs, their own country trends, their leaders and icons and their opinions, brands and their products and services, friends and family etc. through social media. In other words, it is the IN thing, the place to be unless you want to feel left out. So, when everyone is available in one place, for brands it is like a dream marketing platform. Now all you have to do is sell your product and services.

The audience connect
While it is the response to the social media posts that keep people hooked, this is more so for brands. Social media provides brands, celebrities and leaders with a powerful platform to connect with their audience. There is no better way to reach out to people and get your message across to them. So, for brands, this is a great way of saving money on huge marketing campaigns to create awareness about their products and services.

Going global is easy
Another important aspect of using social media is that it is global and not limited to any specific geography. So, your social media presence is actually like an online VISA that provides you instant access to people (read customers) across the globe. Reaching out to a global audience through the traditional audience and establishing a presence in those markets could have otherwise burnt a big hole in the marketing budgets.

Increase ROI with less spend
Every marketing strategy is ultimately measured on its ROI effectiveness. Social media marketing is also, no different. A lot of studies have shown that using social media for marketing has actually provided brands with wonderful results with much lesser spending as compared to traditional marketing methods. This is the reason almost all the brands are vying to make their presence felt out there. Instant audience connect with increased ROI is more than enough to justify the expense on social media marketing.

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