Your Brand and the Attention Deficit

Today’s marketing strategies tend to be invasive and erratic to sway with the trends that fly around every month or so. The reason being how people interact with what is in front of them. A lot of how advertisements are spun go by a typical 3 step process. First shed light on an issue that your target audience faces, second would be to create a solution and finally introduce your product as that solution. Simple and was pretty much effective in the marketing world. However, with changes in consumer quality, this method is now obsolete. With constant runs of the same 3 step process on late night paid programming, web ads and real life in-your-face interactions. Consumers have now had most of their problems solved or have been able to creatively find solutions on their own with niche product review sites and self help style blogging. The internet constantly puts dents into virtually impenetrable marketing solution.

A great find with the modern consumer is how the awareness of garbage marketing schemes has led to a lot of dissatisfaction and can sometimes leave a product to the wolves if promotion is done improperly to today's standard. The issue being that schools still tend to teach the same thing repeatedly. This leads to most industries lacking in the PR department and creates boredom and corny marketing campaigns. However, marketing is an art as well as a necessary step in a products life cycle. So, the choice tends to be whether to stoop to the consumer or to make the consumer come to you. With the different marketing strategies in place it's hard not to believe that people would just take the latter and roll with the easiest and was at some point the most reliable option.

A strategy that is commonly used, since it sits on the fence of being artsy and being easy to follow, is Whiteboard Animations. Having its roots in the YouTube community, it was first used to quickly run through a person's life story in a matter of 5 - 10 minutes and still can capture the attention of the modern audience. It was then highly recognized and spread throughout YouTube as a means of getting quick and easy views. Marketing teams began to realize its potential and applied the idea to their own projects. This then began the trend of short attentive videos where you follow the classic 3 step process but add enough visual elements to capture and retain the attention of the target audience.

This cost-effective method of advertising is one of the best method I have found throughout the couple years of transformation in this sector. A lot of companies fear to reach the cutting-edge of the marketplace. I feel the edge of the market is where greatness dies and is reborn. However, the rapid changes in consumer attention proves to be the constant battle for any company and will continue to be so.

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