Your Logo Can Make Or Break The Business
We can all recognize popular logos within seconds, like a bird makes you think of Twitter or a square camera reminds you of Instagram. Both social medias have iconic logos and more than likely paid good money to have their logos created like other iconic businesses. The success of a business is dependent on many factors and one of the factors is the quality of their logo.
Studies have shown that businesses or products are being assessed by customers based on the shape or color of their logo. Your business logo is the first thing a customer sees and should portray your business’s field of industry and allow them to identify with your business’s core brand. For example, a family business will more than likely have a rounded logo to portray softness and trust. You want to strive for a logo that can be blurred out but still be recognizable. Your business’s logo is its brand identity that will appear in ads, websites, business cards, and anywhere your business is named.  A recognizable logo is one customers can remember and trust. Your business’s logo should be associated with the quality of your service and the business’s core values. Your unique brand identity will be supported by a logo that can stand out among your competitors. Once your target client base begins to become more familiar with your business, they will respond positively to your brand logo possibly leading to brand loyalty and increased sales. A strong, distinguishable logo can make all the difference with your business’s success.
There are several features to avoid when making a logo that can run you out of business. If your logohas a lot of detail, it can confuse customers about what your business provides and make them feel uneasy about the quality of your service. A very detailed logo tries to give out too many messages about your business that your brand is not being represented at all. Another mistake businesses make when creating their logo is going overboard with different types of fonts. Your logo will not be cohesive and look silly when compared to your competition. An amateur logo carries across the message that your business is unprofessional to your potential audience and that you don’t know what you’re doing. You especially should not base your logo on other business’s logos. This can lead to all sorts of issues from copyright infringement to confusion with your client base. If your logo looks too like another business’s you will lose potential customers and sales to your competitor. Your brand identity will be lost in a sea of look-alike logos, even if they are not in the same field of industry as your business.
The logo of your business is the face of your brand identity and a message to your client base. You want that message to be that your business is unique and provides quality service. If your logo doesn’t carry out your business’s message out clearly or distinctly, you might not have your business long. Simply put,your logo can make or break your business.

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